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Our family has been working
Renaissance Faires, Pirate Festivals, Arts and Crafts Festivals, Victorian Events, Music Festivals, Scottish Games and Celtic Events for many years. It all  began with out first booth at the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire at Black Point in Marin County. We understand what needs to get done and are easy to deal with. Heather is a professional artist, holding both a Summa Cum Laude BFA in Fine Art from UC Berkeley and a Graduate Certificate from the prestigious Academy of Art in San Francisco.
Heather's son, Shanti, is a gifted designer, talented artist and exceptional crafter.

We have been showing at major Class A, tightly juried shows for years and have excellent, long standing relationships with our promoters. Please click here to see our current schedule of Fairs and Shows.

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 artist studio

Wood, Stone, Leather and Bone
What We Make:

Our booth is filled with unusual things we create ourselves, interesting, beautiful and practical items found absolutely no where else. Mother and son, we create our items and use our original artwork (each piece is one of a kind) from natural, organic and as much as possible recycled and local renewable materials. Our functional art is priced between twenty and two hundred dollars.


Candle Holders and Night Lights

Above are a few examples of our handcrafted stone and wood night lights and candle holders. Heather begins with her original drawing and intricately cuts her design out of rescued or renewable wood.

Using finely honed design skills, Heather selects the translucent agate gemstone to compliment the design. The result of the combination of these two elements with a light source (tea candle or 4 watt bulb) is a uniquely beautiful delight for any home. Currently we have over 75 of Heather's original designs, each available as a night light or tea/votive candle holder.

This is our tabletop display for the night lights. We use this set up at our Renaissance Faires  to keep within the historical theme.
As Heather designs only nature themes, mainly floral and fauna with a few respectable dragons and faeries, they work beautifully at Ren Faires and compliment the organic materials from which they are created.

This is our display for Festivals and Art & Crafts Shows. The night lights are on hanging display boards with electrical hookup. Each board uses less than power than an 75 watt light bulb. Outdoors we do not need or use electricity.




Below are examples of the Candle Holders. We fit the Agate Slab into a base made of oak to hold a tea light perfectly.

Scrimshaw Buffalo Bone Fair Favors

Etched in actual buffalo bone, we engrave Heather's original artwork, ancient designs and 'words of wisdom' into the 2" disks of bone, adding a pin to the back. Strong and hardy enough for the wildest of Ren Faire Revelry.  Very whimsical, unique and popular item.

Handmade Oak Bound Journals

Each sketchbook/memory book/diary is filled with blank acid free, 100% recycled paper. Daylight Artworks offers both lined and unlined to allow free expression. The American Oak covers, engraved with Heather's own artwork or ancient images offer unique personalization and add strength. A wonderful take-anywhere journal or sketchbook.


Shanti's Amazing SteamPunk Goggles!
Find these at our Sci Fi and SteamPunk Events!
SteamPunk; the future the way it was!

Artist Shanti MacEwan creates and designs the most wonderful, Top of the Line goggles known to the SteamPunk Art Movement. Hand stitched leather, made start to finish by us of antique and found objects, these leather, brass and steel objet d'art are sought after by collectors.

McEwan Goggles

No Plastic, No Elastic!

Close up of the incredible detail and fantastic craftsmanship in Shanti's goggles. Everything is functional, moveable and bolted into the solid cowhide mask. Each piece of wearable art is one of a kind as they are composed of found objects and antiques. Shanti also hand paints beautiful patterns on the leather too!



Booths and Costumes
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    Presentation is important to us!
The majority of our events are Themed Shows, requiring specific costumes and look to our booth. We delight in this and take great time and care in our presentation.
You will love us at your show as not only is our craft highly unique and popular, we also understand how important it is to create an enjoyable experience for the patrons. We have won many best-of-show awards for our various booths and costumes as they are always crisp, professional and built to faire specifications. We take the time to learn the language and the historical aspects of each.  Heather also brings her sketchbook and creates watercolors right on the spot, our customers know they are buying direct from the artist.

Renaissance Faires
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Recent 15X10' booth at a one weekend Renaissance Faire, composed of leather, wood and tapestries for a charming traveling market day look.



      Our  booth at Northern California Renaissance Faire, 2015                           This is our Bone Pin Cart,

                                                                                                                                                                      Arizona Renaissance Festival, 2014



 Renaissance Booth at the Central Coast Renaissance Faire 2014                        Booth and Fairy Godmother Costume for a Fantasy Festival, April 2012

We have won many awards for our presentation, including Best Overall Renaissance Booth at Shrewsbury Faire in Oregon , Best Booth Design at the Celtic Midsummer Festival in Fair Oaks and Best of Show Costumes at the Original Harvest Festival.
Customers regularly stop in front of our earthy booth to have their picture taken.






Dickens Victorian Booth
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Here is the booth we built for a wonderful month long
 Dickens Christmas Faire that runs in San Francisco starting the weekend before Thanksgiving Weekend and through December until Christmas Eve.
Heather painted it entirely by hand to create
 the illusion of an intimate Victorian courtyard rose garden.  We enjoy the theatrical aspects of many of our events, it's fun to create a historical and entertaining atmosphere for our patrons.

This picture shows the Candle Gates of the entrance to our little Victorian Courtyard Rose Garden.


 Mother and Child 1840's Victorian costumes.



Pirate Faires
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Pirate Booth & Costume, for the Pirate Festivals that arrrrrr so much fun!




SciFi - Fantasy Cons / SteamPunk / Scottish Games / Booth / Costumes
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Our Mini-Booth at PantheaCon
at the Double Tree in San Jose, 2012




Our SteamPunk Corner at Nova Albion SteamPunk Convention 2011 in Santa Clara at the Hyatt Regency

Miss H. S. D-, Lady Techno-Egyptologist and her Exhibition of Highly Crafted Goods

We of the Stuart and MacEwan Clans at the wonderful Pleasanton Highland Gathering and Scottish Games, 2014




Goggle Display at Clockwork Alchemy, the SteamPunk section of FanimeCon, San Jose 2012

Our tabletop booth at BayCon 2010

At Her Majesty's SteamPunk Symposium on the Queen Mary, Long Beach 2012


Heather's SteamPunk outfit, a Lady Techno-Egyptologist, with Prof. Mad MacEwans' Goggles. On the right; WonderCon 2012 with Kee Chan who played Senator Male Dee in Star Wars 3. He will be using his new MacEwan goggles in his upcoming Sci Fi movie!


Studio, Artists at Work

Here is Heather working in her studio. It shows a bit of the night light process, each one begins as a drawing (notice the open sketchbook), and is cut out of oak slates using the wonderful Air-Z engraver  mircodrill and other equipment. To see Heather's original drawings and paintings please visit her portfolio site. Then the agate slice is selected that best compliments the design.


Studio Shots
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I include a few pictures of our studio as I know good promoters like to feel confident their vendors are handcrafters.
 We have a 1500ft studio where we create the artwork and things we sell, store raw materials, crate, wrap and box our finished pieces and load the vans for events etc.  This is how we make our living. As you can see below the studio is surrounded by raw materials, reference books, art supplies, wood carving tools, a few of Heather's paintings, piles of found objects and antiques, dvds to help us work late into the night etc.

We are real, actual, working artists who invent, design and create what we sell with our own hands.


Heather's Drafting Table and Work Area

The Rock Room,
where we sort raw materials, pick, toss and create

           Costume Rack for our Themed Events. We love dress up!




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Shanti's work tables with the SteamPunk odds and ends and tools to create the goggles and other steamy things