We Have Friends!

Links to some great work by people we know and highly recommend.
*this is a continual work in progress. Each artist's wares listed below has been personally tested by us,
(meaning this is stuff we bought at various fairs) and is of excellent hand crafted quality.
We only add folks we know and respect, please do not cold-call email us to list your site.


Samiah - incredible clothes and tapestry coats designed and created by the gifted Samiah.

Ravenswood Leather - THE most comfortable and gorgeous leather wear around.

Fellowship Foundry - pewter goblets, tankards, necklaces etc with dragons, fairies, wolves, all things imaginable that last for years and years.

Tickle Thy Fantasy - Barbara Butcher makes clothes of sheer (pun intended) delight. Must see in person for her very special skirts and dresses of overlays of lace and velvets and incredible trimmings. Beautiful!

Nativearth  - those very special shoes and boots that you see everywhere, crafted to your desire with colors, styles buttons etc. Mine were a perfect fit and oh so comfy!

Oberon Leather - the best belts, buckles, tankard holders, frogs, gauntlets, check covers, clutch purse, journals, all sorts of wonderful leather extras stamped with beautiful Celtic designs and original artwork.

Pale Moon Jewelry - Beautiful hand carved designs in bone, the unique necklaces of Chris Miller are wonderful. A Must-Stop Shop at any event they attend!

Swadeshi Leatherworks - oh so buttery soft bags, backpacks, carry-ons, handbags and pouches. Simply the best place for a daypack, any kind of luggage, purse or handbag, ever.

The Village Blacksmith - ever wonder why the name Smith is so common? Want to know why we 'hammer out a deal' ? Visit Michel and Christy's wonderful site for the answers to these and many more questions and see Michel's incredible forgework.

Gypsy Moon - Oh, what can be said about Candace's faerie light clothes? The most ethereal, feminine clothing I have ever worn. Beyond the gorgeous layers of washed silks in dresses, skirts and tops, Candace has created an Amy Brown Fairy line AND a Froud line of shimmering softness. I haunt her sale rack daily!

Lost Star Jewelry: Kelly Morgen makes the finest Goddess jewelry I have ever seen (and I am at a art show almost every weekend of the year!).  She hand carves ancient ivory, adds her lost wax sculpting expertise and creates wonderful things that seem created by an Elf master from one of J.R.R. Tolkien's stories. Empowering and graceful, each one unique, just visiting this site is inspiring.

Altar Wind: George made my harp and a beauty it is. He and his wife Anwyn are amazing musicians and make wonderful harps, hammered dulcimers, hurdy gurdies and even beautiful bowed psalteries!

Eye Scry Designs: Every show I set up I am always asked where I acquired the beautiful tapestries we use to decorate our award winning booth. You cannot fond any more gorgeous than the ones carried by the lovely women at Eye Scry! I shop their beautiful clothes line and always feel like royalty when wearing their feminine, quality clothes.

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