From The Artist:

"The inspiration for my work comes from Nature. I love working with the natural beauty of wood and combining it with incredible translucent quality of the beautiful gemstone; agate. As Nature's stained glass, agate forms stunning patterns and swirls of color that I make full use of when adding my original drawings cut from oak. My designs are also inspired by the natural world, birds, animals, landscapes abound with a whimsical touch of fantasy as well.

Each night light or candle holder is unique, fashioned by my hands alone. It is very rewarding to observe how my work encourages people to see the gemstone with fresh sight, my designs help reveal the inherent wonder of Nature's own artwork. Adding light to the combined elements of wood and stone completes the breath taking results. I love putting my years of painting and art training to work producing interesting pieces that will last for generations."


Artist Heather Daylight holds a Summa cum Laude BFA in Fine Art from UC Berkeley. She also earned a  Graduate in Illustration at the Academy of Art, San Francisco, a five year intensive study. She has been painting and crafting for over 25 years. To view her complete portfolio please click here. 

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