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Against all odds,

I have retired!


Never fear,

the business

shall go on!


If you are on the West Coast please visit woodstoneleatherbone.com! My long time business partner (and son) Shanti MacEwan and his talented wife Erica are now carrying on the family tradition, creating the same nature inspired creations and adding new creations of their own. My site will always let you know where to find them and you can still enjoy yourself at the best Themed Festivals available!

Also, D'angeloTortuga (aka Jef Hall) and his lovely wife Jes are handling the Bone Pins sales across the Nation!

For oPINions in Bone, find them here!

Last update August 14, 2018

Join the MacEwan Team at their next Faire!

You will find them at the

Pleasanton 153rd Scottish Highland Games and Grand Gathering of the Clans

the weekend of Sept. 1-2, 2018! And then;

Enjoy yourself at the Northern California Renaissance Faire

at Casa de Fruita! 

Northern California Renaissance Faire!

Weekends Sept. 15 thru Oct 21, 2018!


If you are inquiring about Bone Pins and do not live in California,

Washington State, Oregon or Las Vegas, please contact:

OPINions in Bone


Now in Wisconsin at The Bristol Renaissance Faire!


Bristol Renaissance Faire open weekends and Labor Day July 7 thru Sept. 3, 2018!

and also at

Minnesota Renaissance Faire open weekends August 18th thru Sept. 30, 2018!


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Email:  daylight@sonic.net

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