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Daylight Artworks is a small, artist run Arts and Crafts business based in Southern California.
As each of my handmade items are one of a kind, they are hard to order over the web (no mass produced stuff here!). The very best way to choose your special piece is to come on out and chat with artist, view my nature inspired creations and enjoy yourself at the best Themed Festivals on across America!

Last update May 19, 2017

Join us for a Festival of Merriment and Medieval Delights!

Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire

This weekend is LAST Weekend!

Come out and bid a most splendid Faire Thee Well to the exceptional 2017 Southern Faire! Celebrate with so many marvelous things to see, do, eat and take home!

Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire

in Irwindale, CA, opening April 8th and running weekends thru May 21st,  2017



We've gone national! Look for our Bone Pin Buddy Cart

OPINions in Bone

They is us and we is them!

Find them right now at

The Georgia Renaissance Festival 

Check out the oPINions in Bone FaceBook Page


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Email:  daylight@sonic.net

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We Have Friends!
(some even admit they know us!)
Want to know where Heather got that incredible leather bodice dress or amazing Tapestry coat?  Check out our links page!



A link to Heather's Watercolors



Did you know I link this happy little Sun to Holiday information?



Yurt you say?

Check out mine!



Follow any of the links below for pictures and information about our hand made crafts we will be showcasing at the above festivals:




Ad Astra Per Alas Porci - To the stars on the wings of a pig